After duly researching numerous PV vendors, we chose the Sunfreedom World team because of their upfront honesty on the pros/cons of purchasing vs leasing your system, the in-depth technical knowledge of the PV systems they install such as their expected efficiency over time, on-time delivery of the project and above all for the customer-centric attitude Venci fueled by his desire to go the extra mile to please his customers. The quality of the finished job was so good that even the city inspector paid it a compliment! Integrity, service and heart is second nature to the Sunfreedom World team and it is my view that it would be difficult to impossible to find a better value for your money.

Martin Naskovski

I'm very happy customer of SunFreedom World. I'm so happy I did not choose lease/One-Inverter solution that was offered by another company. Each panel installed by SunFreedom World has their own inverter, and I'm actively monitoring, and seeing performance of each panel. On city's request, panels were beautifully tilted towards the sun to get maximum usage of solar power when power is needed the most. Three different inspections went successfully on the first time, and inspector complemented cleanliness of completed job. Best of all, price for the job was excellent, and rebate amounts correctly estimated at the beginning of job. Team was honest, attentive, and once plans were approved, job was completed, it seemed, within a week. Will recommend them to family and friends. Thank you Venci, Stojan and team.


Venci and his team were thorough and professional throughout the process. He was available 24/7 to answer questions and concerns. He was not overly aggressive and had a lot of patience while we thought about the decision to go solar.

Their prices are very competitive, but their service put them over the top. Installation was a big project, but it was done exactly in the time frame they said it would. The entire crew was professional and businesslike. They were meticulous and left no dirt or bits and pieces around for me to clean up, which is a plus.

We would recommend them to friends and family. We love not paying Edison anymore!

Robert & Sally Wielage
Chatsworth, CA

This company is Awesome. They came to our home answered all of our questions, then they showed us how our energy was being used wow what an eye opener. We went with them after talking with many other companies. They were Honest, Truthful very Clean, Efficient and they knew what had to be done when it came to the city (Anaheim) permits and inspections. We were so Happy. Thank you !

Lori S.

The SunFreedom team just finished installing solar power for us in our home in Yucaipa, CA. Our first contact was Venci. He is a perfect gentleman and did not pressure us into signing up. He patiently answered all of our questions in a competent and professional way! What company have you know that has gone that far to make a totally professional and tidy installation. These guys are the best and my wife and I FULLY recommend you giving them a call!! Thank you.

Warren J. Yukaipa

Very honest, fair and attentive. Hard work and they care very much. I had a few requests that are not part of their normal install and they came through with flying colors.

Michael M.
Los Angeles